We are an early-stage
B2B SaaS-only fund

We make a handful of high conviction commitments per year to founders who aim to re-define categories.

Specialization is at the core of what we do and enables us to make a real impact.

We bring a deep understanding of B2B operations and enjoy supporting on go-to-market, scaling your organization or working on budgets and benchmarks.

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Investment Focus

As European first-mover, we invest since 2013 into a new generation of European B2B software companies

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Our focus is in particular on solutions enabling the digitalization of medium and large enterprises. We primarily support teams working in the areas of process optimization, industry 4.0 and data-enabled solutions.

We join the journey after a startup has product-market fit and generates a minimum of EUR 30k MRR with 10+ customers. In this crucial phase, building a scalable sales model, creating a performance-driven HR approach, and expanding internationally are key to raising a larger subsequent growth round. And we can help you get there.
Our initial investment is up to EUR 3m in rounds of EUR 1-5m.

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Great companies are built on trust, innovation and pushing boundaries. We understand that a startup is not always a straight path, but we always shoot for the moon.

Perspectives from our team: operational playbooks, point of views and the occasional rant.