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Senovo – Team

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Senovo – Team

Dr. Alexander Buchberger


As an optimist at heart I am excited about supporting ambitious founders. With more than ten years of VC experience, I have profound knowledge in scaling businesses and love working on marketing and sales with our portfolio companies.

After studying technology management in Munich and Sydney, I passed my PhD in start-up risk assessment from WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management. I gained my professional experience working first at startups and later at a corporate VC. As a Partner and Co-Founder at Senovo, I focus primarily on process-optimization software solutions.

In my freetime, I am a passionate pilot and enjoy fitness and hiking.

Companies include:
Riskmethods, shyftplan, Veact, Atheneum (exit) and Orpheus (exit)


Senovo – Team

Frederick Mallinckrodt


I am fascinated by the power of innovation and how fresh ideas paired with courageous entrepreneurs can turn entire markets upside down. With 10 years of investment experience I am aware of the do’s and don’ts of early-stage SaaS companies.

Having worked as a business trainee at Siemens and as a PE/M&A lawyer in Washington D.C. and Munich I am all too familiar with the disruptive nature of ambitious startups. I jumped into the VC space and co-founded Senovo in 2011.

As a father of three, I enjoy taking my family on bicycle tours and ski rides to the Bavarian alps.

Companies include:
Anyline, Customer Alliance, Holidu and Smartlaw (exit)


Senovo – Team

Lucas Behem


I am passionate about working with founders who make a dent in tomorrow's world and supporting hands-on to realize their vision. With an affection for numbers and data, I especially enjoy turning early-stage companies into data-driven powerhouses.

Taking part in scaling two fast-growing startups early in my career, I experienced first-hand what can be achieved with courage, dedication and team play. I studied Business and Finance at Bocconi University in Milan and Maastricht University.

Outside of the office I like to spend time in nature or on a sailing boat.

Companies include:
IP Fabric, HiveMQ, Hello Customer, IamIP


Senovo – Team

Markus Grundmann


I have 20 years of experience in the software industry. Before my first VC investments in SaaS startups in 2011, I had a decade of operating experience in software development, systems integration and IT strategy, mostly for blue chip companies. I hold a MSc in computer science, a MBA from University of Cambridge and am a Partner at Senovo.

I love deep tech and enterprise products and particularly like to work with founders who have deep domain expertise.

Outside of work you can usually find me on a mountain bike barrelling down steep downhill trails.

Companies include:
Quantilope, Manta, tado, Falcon.io (exit)


Senovo – Team

Mona Müller


I joined Senovo to partner with vision-driven entrepreneurs on their journey to reshape entire industries. At the moment, I am particularly enthusiastic about Industry 4.0, HealthTech and data-enabled solutions in Supply Chain and Procurement. Having lived in Spain for two years, I also have a big heart for the Iberian startup scene.

Previously, I worked as a management consultant specializing in digital growth strategies and M&A. I studied International Business in London and hold an MBA from IE Business School.

Besides being a big foodie and avid traveller, I enjoy supporting initiatives linked to entrepreneurship, technology and diversity. I am the Female Founders Ambassador for Germany, Grow F Mentor and started a Women in VC meetup in Munich. Reach out if you’d like to join.

Companies include:
Anyline, Archlet, OpenAsApp, Synfioo


Senovo – Team

Mike Siebert

Venture Partner

I am enthralled by the creativity and innovation of founders and their sheer enthusiasm. Having been both, founder/CXO and VC, I know the ins and outs of value creation and investing.

I studied Business Administration at Cologne University and ESCP from where I graduated with a Master’s thesis on game theory for exit decisions of European VCs. Upon graduation I spent 20 years with various PE-houses, investment banks and (own) start-ups.

Besides work I love to spend time with my family, play basketball, board on a stand up paddle or watch my beloved Los Angeles Lakers.

Companies include:
Atheneum (exit), givve (exit), Veact


Senovo – Team

Omar Hedeya


As a kid I always dreamt of having a time machine and living in the future.
Working with passionate founders, who are literally shaping our future as we speak and supporting them, is the closest one can get to not only live in the future but also shape it!
That's why I decided to shift gears and join Senovo to explore this exciting world of VC and B2B start-ups, all while learning from passionate investors who are always looking to support disruptive start-ups.

I come from a deeply technical background, having always participated in Robotics and competitive programming competitions, I later got my bachelor's degree from KIT in Mechatronics and IT, and currently pursuing my master's degree at TUM in Robotics, Cognition, and Intelligence.

In my free time, you will most probably find me either at the local debate club, playing around with AI models, or hiking in nature.


Senovo – Team

Sebastian Hetznecker


The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus, 500 B.C) - I am motivated by leveraging this constant change to make the world a more enjoyable and sustainable place. Often, funding is needed to realize such positive change and that is why I am an investor by choice.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Management & Technology from the Technical University of Munich with majors in Computer Science and Finance. Moreover, I gained deep market knowledge within the SaaS vertical as well as the Fintech and Insurtech industries by working for two growth equity firms over the last 1.5 years.

In my spare time, you find me either doing Calisthenics in the Olympiapark, running, playing chess, or enjoying a lovely coffee in the sunlight with some friends.