Senovo – Quantilope


Imagine you are a marketing manager for a company, which is about to launch a new yoghurt. Competition is tough, time is of the essence. You have the option to choose from three possible claims: „100 percent natural“, „From the region“ or „No preservatives“. Which claim will achieve the best price for the product? This is a classic case for market research. Unfortunately, a typical study takes at least six weeks, and if someone’s coming up with further questions for the survey panel, everything is going to take even longer…

This is where quantilope comes into play and helps you to get the job done within three days. Its end-to-end agile insights platform allows to map the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, in-depth analysis, and data visualization of the results.

quantilope was founded back in 2014 by Lucas Bremer and Thomas Fandrich. As part of their PhD studies, their goal was to improve the current manual, error-prone and slow market research process: A survey needs to be sent out, the data imported into a tool for statistical analysis, and finally, chart-heavy reports need to be created. There are no workflow-oriented tools available for a non-PhD-researcher type of user, and so the idea was born: to scale advanced research methodologies, make them broadly available, and above all, implement them much faster through the power of software. One day, they demonstrated a new prototype to one of their first customers, Peter Aschmoneit, who was the CMO of Europe’s largest spice manufacturer at the time. “I knew right away,” Peter says today, “that this idea would turn the entire industry upside down.” He quit his job on the spot and joined quantilope as a co-founder and eventually became the CEO.

Senovo invested in quantilope at the end of 2016 and has remained an active investor ever since: „As a former software developer, I immediately understood what Peter was explaining. Aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data is the staple good of B2B software. And here we have a huge 50 billion dollar industry, which is still limiting itself with non-digital integrated workflows,“ said Markus Grundmann, Partner at Senovo.

Three main benefits make quantilope an absolute game changer, explains Peter: the unbeatable speed, the high cost efficiency due to the fully automated processes, and that companies who work with quantilope become more agile and data driven since the data is not “dead” once it ends up in a report: quantilope’s customers create a unified repository of all market research activities.

The company currently employs more than 100 people in offices in Hamburg, New York City and Lithuania. Amongst its customers are many renowned global consumer brands, professional services firms and even other market research companies.

Asking Peter about any unusual research requests, he smiles and mentions an automotive customer who asked quantilope to find out which taillight design best represented the brand. Status, power and masculinity played a major role. Peter, all business: „The highly skilled car designers uploaded the scribbled taillights into our tool and came up with important improvements immediately.“ Unfortunately, Peter does not tell which brand it was – so keep your eyes open during your next drive and look for impressive tail lights – quantilope could have had a hand in it…